The local currency is lev and the foreign currency is converted to the local currency for the purposes of payment and purchase. 

All Bulgarian Citizens require a visa to travel to Qatar, whether for business or tourism.  

The traveler requires to submit the below listed documents for Qatar Tourist Visa:

1) A clear passport copy for each passenger (including infants). The passport should be valid for a minimum of six months at the time of entry into Qatar.

2) Traveler’s two recent passport-size photographs, in color, taken against a white background.

3) Visa application form duly filled and signed.

4) Confirmed airplane ticket.

5) Confirmed hotel stay details in Qatar.

6) Bank document confirming the availability of a minimum 1200 EUR in a personal bank account. 

Typically, a visa takes anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to process in the Qatar Embassy/Consulate depending on the consulate that we need to send the application.

Yes, in this case you can apply for a transit visa. The confirmed tickets into Qatar and onward must be on Qatar Airways operated flights only.

The pre-approved transit visa is a single-entry visa valid for a maximum period of 96 hours only.

Upon issuance of a ticket with Qatar airways, you can apply for the transit visa using Qatar Airways website. Please upload a clear scanned copy of your passport. Alternatively, visit the nearest Qatar Airways ticket office along with your passport to process your visa application.

The fee for tourist visa is 27 EURO, and for business visa is 54 EURO. The transit visa is free.

With a transit visa you can stay in Qatar between 5 hours to a maximum of 96 hours, having a tourist visa you can stay in Qatar for a maximum of one month. 

Both transit visa and the tourist visa are single entry visas.