General Information

Geography and Nature

Despite the relatively small size of Bulgaria (110 994 sq. m), its abundance of natural and cultural treasures, make it a preferred destination that is suitable for practicing different types of tourism, with big perspectives for  further development in this sector. The length of the Bulgarian Black sea coast is 378 km, which includes 209 beaches, many picturesque bays and sand dunes. The mountain region takes 30% of the area of the country, offering breathtaking views and wide spectrum of opportunities for spending your free time. There are more than 600 mineral springs, 400 mountain lakes, 336 protected areas and reserves, including 3 national and 11 parks. There are 9 material objects from Bulgaria that are included in the List of the World’s Cultural and Natural’s heritage of UNESCO.

The climate in the country is temperate continental, with Mediterranean influence in the Southern parts. The Black Sea influences the climate in the Eastern part of the country. There are about 2,000 sunny hours from May to October.

During the winter, the mountains are particularly suitable for winter sports.

The Muslims in the country

The Muslims are a religious minority in Bulgaria (around one million people (13% of the population), distributed ethnically into the following groups: Turkish, Bulgarian Muslims (Pomaks), Roma, Tatars, Circassians. The state finances more than 1000 mosques and 100 Islamic schools. There are 1200 mosques in the country and more than 3000 students are learning Islam in state and municipal schools.