Do and Don't

  • In case you are interrogated regarding any issue, inform the mission immediately.

  • Only use licensed  taxies, vehicles that are provided by hotels and tourist agencies, or public transportation.

  • Do not give your passport to anyone claiming that he is from the police or security services before checking his credentials.

  • Do not give your passport or identity card to the hotel personnel.

  • Do not leave children alone at big events, markets and shopping malls.

  • Do not allow local security services in your destination to search your place of residency without an official permission from relevant authorities.

  • Do not park your car in the zones around the pavement that are marked in yellow or green because they are intended for the public transportation, the disadvantaged people or for the use of the state institutions and the Diplomatic Missions. Parking should be within the marked in white parking places.

  • Do not bring backpacks to the public transportation because it makes it easier for the thieves to rob you. Be aware to prevent a possible theft.

  • Do not bring large amounts of cash, golden jewelries and valuables when traveling.  Instead carry credit cards.