Word from the Ambassador

Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Bulgaria. It is a great honor for me to represent the State of Qatar in the Republic of Bulgaria and to work for the strengthening of the bilateral relations of the State of Qatar with this ancient country historically and culturally, with breathtaking nature and hospitable, creative people. Even though that the Embassy opened its door in 2012, the tight friendship bonds between the two counties date back to 1990, when the bilateral relations were established.

Our Diplomatic Mission strives to promote and strengthen the friendly relations between the two nations, as well as to cooperate in political, economic, scientific and cultural domains. Over the years the bilateral relations between the two countries have grown and expanded vastly with around 30 agreements and memorandums for understanding and cooperation in the fields of economy, agriculture, investments, defense, safety, sport, healthcare and tourism. The relation between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Bulgaria have crossed several stages of cooperation and mutual coordination and the desire to move forward in order to serve the common interests of both countries.

As a sign of our commitment to fulfill the wise guidance of our leaders at the head His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani (may Allah protect him) our Diplomatic Mission will continue to encourage the strengthening of the friendly relations between the countries and to explore other fields and ways for mutual help and cooperation. As an Ambassador, I am committed to safeguarding and unfolding those relationships by bringing our cultures closer together.

This website will provide information for the Qatari visitors in Bulgaria and for the Bulgarian visitors in Qatar. We express our readiness and desire to provide advice, guidance and assistance to anyone as this is among our priorities. On the website one can find not only news and answers to the most commonly asked questions but also general information about both the Republic of Bulgaria and the State of Qatar.

The doors of our Embassy are always open to serve the Qatari nationals and other citizens in need of our services and assistance. We are eager to extend to all the utmost hospitality that our nation is so famous for.



Rashid Ali Hassan Al-Khater

Information: Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the State of Qatar to Republic of Bulgaria.

Date of Birth: 3.2.1958.

Date of Appointment at the ministry: 1.1.1985.

Academic Qualification

  • Bachelor in Political Science and in Sociology – August 1984, United States of America.

Work Experience

  • Appointed at the General Secretariat of the Ministry in the capacity of Third Secretary as of 1.1.1985.
  • Worked in the Department of International Organizations and Conferences during the period from 1.1.1985 to 10.2.1986.
  • Worked in the Political Department during the period from 11.2.1986 to 5.8.1986.
  • Worked at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Muscat during the period from 6.8.1986 to 29.3.1987.
  • Worked at the Department of Consular, Economic and Cultural Affairs during the period from 30.3.1987 to 30.7.1990.
  • Worked at the Consulate General of the State of Qatar in Mumbai during the period from 31.7.1990 to 9.5.1991.
  • Worked at the Political Department during the period from 6.7.1991 to 3.9.1993..
  • Worked at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Bonn during the period from 4.9.1993 to 27.5.1997.
  • Worked at the Permanent Delegation of the State of Qatar in New York during the period from 5.9.1997 to 25.8.1998.
  • Worked at the Department of European and American Affairs during the period from 26.8.1998 to 6.6.2002.
  • Worked at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Washington during the period from 7.6.2002 to 16.11.2004.
  • Appointed as Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Singapore during the period from 14.10.2007 to 24.6.2013.
  • Works at the Office of His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs as of January 2014.
  • Participated in numerous regional and international conferences.

Current diplomatic degree

  • His Excellency was awarded several promotions until he reached the rank of Ambassador as of 1.4.2007.

Marital Status

  • Married and has 7 sons and 2 daughters.